Lazy Days of Summer

Posted on: 16 June, 11


The baby dress is not quite done, but I am very excited about the progress.  Even though it is summer vacation, my calendar is still full.  It seems every day is filled with a long list of errands.  I make a list and consolidate as many trips as possible.  A call from the yarn store set into a motion a chain of events that sucked up my whole day.  The thrift shop is around the corner from the yarn shop, so I did a quick pass through my closet.  I grabbed the things that I have not worn in years.  Because time was short, there was no time to think, no time to over think.  I will always make new clothes, so why do I cling to stuff from ten years ago? 

An adorable doll shop is just a few steps away from the thrift shop.  How could I not stop and take a quick look.  No, I did not buy anything, but had a lovely chat with the owner.  We love to chat about sewing doll clothes and making costumes. 

Yarn was picked up, old clothes were dropped off, doll fixation was sated.  Then it was onto the required trip of the day.  Mammogram.  Ok, girls, I know we all hate it and procrastinate, but just do it.  Yes, it hurts, but only for a minute.  If you are due, go make your appointment right now.  Get it over with. 

After the fun and games at the imaging center, I went to pick up a painting.  A friend of mine has an autistic 15 year old son who does the most amazing artwork.  As I was leaving the restaurant where we met, I heard someone say, "they've shut down several blocks."  That's when I noticed all the emergency vehicles across the street.  The cute police officer informed me that several blocks were indeed shut down due to a gas leak… including the block where my car was parked.  I ended up spending the afternoon wandering around the area of town that was in danger of blowing up.  It was a nice treat to see some shops that I usually don't have to time for, but I really wanted to get home and sew. 

The gas leak was eventually resolved with no explosion or fire.  My car was retrieved, but the baby dress is still not finished.  Maybe tomorrow?  Hmmm, probably not because tomorrow's list is even longer….


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