Sweet Baby

Posted on: 19 June, 11

 Ottobre 0311-4

I love freedom of baby sewing.  Colors can brighter, prints can be mixed with more abandon, and the whole mood is more playful.  These three fabrics were purchased years apart and in different states, yet they all work together.  The white fabric has shirring about every 1.5 inches.  I bought it because it was unusual, but never quite knew what to do with it.  The pattern is Design #4 from the 03/11 issue of Ottobre Design






Ottobre 0311-7Of course, a little dress needs little bloomers.  These are Design #7 from the same Ottobre issue.  The bloomers are generously sized.  I suspect that is too accommodate cloth diapers.  The pattern also called for more ruffles on the backside.  With the busy patterns, I opted for a single wider ruffle to simplify the design a bit. 

My apologies for the less than stellar photos.  Camera issues still plague me.  However, I wanted to make sure photos were taken before I deliver the gift tomorrow. 


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Lovely Teri. I really like the fabric combinations.

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