Simplicity 2359

Posted on: 20 July, 11


I have really fallen in love the Project Runway line of patterns from Simplicity.  They fit me beautifully with very few alterations and the styles are adorable.  This particular fabric does not photograph well to show off the lines of the style.  My apologies.  However, I adore the dress and wear it often.  In person, the style lines are more apparent, even with the busy print. 

The neckline is what first caught my eye.  Then I discovered it has POCKETS.  A dress with pockets is one of my favorite things in the whole world. 

The busy, busy print is a lightweight cotton twill from JoAnn Fabrics.  You have to look closely to see that it is indeed a twill weave.  It has a very soft hand, yet does not wrinkle much for a cotton.  It was 60 inches wide which meant I only needed a yard and half to make a dress.  It was also on sale, so score a big one for me!  Including the pattern and zipper, the dress cost less than $10. 


The back also has very pretty style lines.  Ignore the wrinkles in the zipper above the waist.  My knee problems have made my sway back issues even more pronounced.  I purposefully did not any pattern adjustments to compensate for that because my physical therapists and I are working incredibly hard to correct that.  Early in the day, I can hold my posture to reduce the sway back.  By late in the day, all the muscles in my body are exhausted from trying to compensate so much for the bum knee. 

This whole physical therapy journey has been interesting.  I have learned so much about my body.  That old song about “the ankle bone is connected to the knee bone” is so true.  I am amazed at how many muscles and joints are affected by this knee… and how badly my body has been screwed up by trying to compensate for it. 

Back to the dress…  cute dress that I love wearing because it is so comfortable.  Though I only skimmed the directions, they looked pretty good.  The pattern also offers a sleeve option, but I adore the cutaway shoulder. 


1 Response to "Simplicity 2359"

That dress is adorable. And honestly – most people wouldn’t notice the swayback wrinkles unless you pointed them out. The print is lovely and the style lines are super cute. Also – your hair looks really, really cute from the back shot. g

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