No Purl Monkey

Posted on: 25 September, 11











I don’t know if I just had a lot of time on my hands or if this was an easy pattern, but these socks were completed in no time at all.  The yarn was found at a wee little yarn shop when my friend and I ran away to the beach during spring break.  We both fell in love with the little sparkly bits that don’t show up in my terrible photos.  The yarn is hand spun and hand dyed.  Beyond that, I don’t really know what it is.  My friend and I just call it “pretty.”  I am terrible at keeping track of yarn names, types, etc.  I select yarn based on prettiness and softness.

The delightful woman at the beach yarn shop said the skein might have enough for two pairs of socks since we both have small feet.  Being a good friend, I made my friend’s socks first.  From Ravelry, I selected a few patterns that looked fun for me to knit, then I let my friend pick her favorite.  She chose “No Purl Monkey,” mostly because she liked the name.  As you can see, we have very discriminating criteria for our projects.  Does it sparkle?  Does it have a fun name?


My friend was beyond delighted with her new socks, her first pair of hand knit socks.  Since I love to knit socks, yet don’t really wear socks, this will not be her last pair of hand knit socks.  Hmmm… what else do people blog about knitting?  The yarn is soft and pretty, the pattern was easy, the socks fit…..  Any burning questions that I have not addressed?

My matching socks have been completed, but not yet photographed.  (I don’t wear socks unless it is really, really cold.)  Stay tuned!


2 Responses to "No Purl Monkey"

I love that pattern, it’s really fun and easy. And the funny thing is – I’ve knit tons of socks and hardley ever wear them either. g

Beautiful socks! Love this fuchsia pink and kettle-dyed look.

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