Simplicity 2248

Posted on: 9 October, 11


The fabric is the lime green geometric print from JoAnn’s Lisette line of fabric.  Last year, a student used it for a project and I fell in love with the color and print.  On several trips to JoAnn’s, I would pet the fabric, but then resist the urge to buy it… so much fabric already in my possession.  Finally, I caved, with the solemn promise to myself that it would be sewn up before the end of the summer.  It was a race to make that happen.  I have only worn it once because it seems a bit “unseasonable” for October… even if the temperatures are in the 80’s.  September was okay, but October crossed a line.  However, the one day I wore it, I loved it. 

The pattern is yet another from Simplicity’s Project Runway line.  These patterns fit me so well that I cannot stop buying them.  Of course, loving them does not stop me from making modifications.  This view has overlays that cross over the front and tie in the back.  At just shy of five feet tall, I avoid anything that might evoke the image of “little girl.”  A dress with a full-ish skirt and a big bow in the back definitely screams “little girl” a bit too much for me. 

Instead of tying in the back, I altered the overlays so they terminated in the side seams.  (This also saved this project from not having enough fabric.)  To figure out the length of the overlay and placement, I basted the side seams without the overlays.  Then I tried on the dress and fiddled with the overlays until I found the right placement and a pleasing configuration of gathers/pleats at the side seams.  I pinned like crazy, stabbing myself several times in the process.  Then I opened up the basting, tuck in the raw edges of the overlay, and seamed.  I really wanted to keep the overlays because it gives the front some visual interest. 

POCKETS!!! Aside from the killer fit, the inclusion of pockets is my favorite part of this pattern line.  Sure, I can draft my own pocket, but it is just so handy when they do it for me.  I can also churn my own butter, but I don’t see me sitting out on the front porch doing that. 

Sorry that there are no close up photos of the bodice or any photos of the back.  (The back is really cute… check out the pattern here.  I made the version with open back.)  These days, I am grateful when I remember to snap a photo and manage to post it online.


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