Photo Switch

Posted on: 30 November, 11


I was all set to take photos of my sassy new top and my awesome not quite so new jacket.  Black jeans and fabulous black boots completed the ensemble.  There was a definite swagger today.  When I got home from a super fabulous day, I raced upstairs to take a photo… only to discover that the camera battery is dead…. again… It holds a charge for about 22 seconds.  I really need to buy a new battery.  Perhaps I should stop writing this post and hop over to Amazon. 

Ok, hopped over to Amazon and was not impressed with the prices, so I checked prices on Google.  I found another place that has the battery for $10 less, but I am too lazy to retrieve my wallet from downstairs.  The site as been bookmarked and a new battery *will* be purchased tomorrow. 

Instead of sharing sewing photos, I will share my good, good day.  It started out with a surprise visit from a good friend.  I don't get to see him nearly often enough.  No matter what is going on, he can always make me smile.  After our visit, I went to an arts and craft fair to see another friend who was selling her dichroic glass jewelry.  There wasn't much time to chat because my friend was trying to sell her stuff, but we made plans to have lunch next week.  It was great fun to check out all the different vendors.  Some were beautifully artsy and some were amusingly craftsy.  The glassblower guy invited me to his studio to learn more about glassblowing.  There was another guy who made interesting cuff bracelets from laser cut wood.  He also invited me to check out his studio.  Hmmmm…. perhaps the sassy new outfit had something to do with these invitations…. 

My favorite table at the show was the cupcake lady.  (She did not invite me to her kitchen.)  However, I was ready to marry her because she had maple BACON cupcakes.  OMG  I am in love.  The lemon is also incredibly tasty.  A dozen cupcakes followed me home.  See how pretty they are?  The taste even better. 

The afternoon was topped off by a massage.  My physical therapist "prescribed" the massage.  PT guys spends about 30 minutes "massaging" my leg, but it is not a relaxing, fall asleep on the table massage.  Four letter words and tears are not uncommon.  PT guy suggested a massage the day after our appointment to prevent that day after a hard workout pain.  He said I also deserve a little pampering for all the torture he puts me through.

It took some effort, but I found a massage therapist who specializes in pain management.  He sound fairly smart and normal on the phone.  He really won me over when he did not play any annoying new age or classical music.  No music at all.  A little Ozzy or Nirvana or Zeppelin would have totally worked for me, but no music was better than annoying music.  As he untied the knots in my muscles one by one, we talked about our shared love of our Droid phones.  It was a major geek fest.  It was a blast.  There was no talk of "aligning my chi" or "releasing negative energy."  He did not ask me to find my center or my happy place.  It was awesome. 

He worked the scar tissue for a bit.  For these guys, scar tissue is like a zit… just gotta pop it.  He was impressed that I didn't cry, jump off the table, or swear.  He finished with the relaxing part of the massage.  He even managed to loosen the knot that has plagued my shoulder for months.  Massage guy is new BFF. 

I came home and had another cupcake. 


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