My Cat From Hell

Posted on: 4 February, 12

Perhaps it is the anesthesia.  After surgery, my insomnia goes into overdrive.  Instead of my usual 4 to 5 hours a night,  my sleep is cut down to only 2 or 3 hours a night.  After my big surgery, I went for three days with only a handful of 20 minute catnaps.  Not a handful per day… a handful over the course of three days.  I watch a lot of television to fill the hours.  After the big surgery, I became obsessed with the Law & Order series, all of them.  SVU was my favorite because Chris Meloni is pretty.  Criminal Minds also filled the hours because Shemar Moore is very pretty, too. 

Given how long I was laid up with that surgery, I am pretty sure I have seen every episode at least three times.  As much as I love looking at Chris and Shemar, I needed something new to watch this time.  I don't know why I watched the first episode, but I was immediately sucked into "My Cat From Hell" on Animal Planet.  When I tried to make my way downstairs for dinner, I set the DVR so I wouldn't miss a minute of the MCFH marathon.  Sad.  Truly sad. 

Just in case you have missed this little gem, MCFH is basically The Dog Whisperer for cats.  This huge guy with a shaved head, tons of tats, and a weird beard helps people who have out of control cats.  These cats act like they are on crack… bad crack.  The owners aren't much better.  The big guy comes in, gets down on the floor and makes "soft eyes" at the crack head cats.  Yes, the big guy actually uses the phrase "soft eyes."  I am a sucker for a big guy who is not afraid to make soft eyes at a hissing, spitting cat with razor blades for claws.  He gets that all the hissing and spitting is fear, not aggression.  The cats are always won over by the big guy, but only after they draw little blood. 

My boys are sweet.  They actually sat through an episode with me.  I apologized for making them watch MCFH.  C said, "It could be worse.  At least you didn't start watching the Real Housewives of Wherever."  C doesn't realize now that the MCFH marathon is over, I am on the prowl for another series to fill my sleepless night. 


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