Braided Scarf

Posted on: 12 February, 12

This blog has been kind of a downer lately.  I thought it was time to prove that my life isn't totally doom and gloom.  This is a scarf I made for one of my physical therapists.  He is a big, macho guy with arms as big as my whole body.  When he found out that I know how to knit, he turned into a giddy, little boy and asked if I would knit him a warm scarf.  He said his grandmother use to knit things for him.  Great…I love being equated to someone's grandmother.  I let it slide because he has taken such good care of me through all this knee drama and he is totally adorable. 

I had never tried cable knitting before.  This pattern gave me lots of practice!  I love that this scarf is the same in both sides.  It is super thick and soft.  As luck would have it, we've had an insanely warm winter with no need for a scarf, but he will be all set for next winter. 


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