Going In for the Kill

Posted on: 27 February, 12


Scar tissue is my nemesis.  My PT guy is waging a war against my nemesis.  The problem is I am caught in the crossfire.  The scar tissue feels like hard knot on my muscles and tendons.  He gropes my leg until he finds scar tissue, then he presses on the knot until it breaks apart.  Sometimes, he will press down on the knot with one hand and move my leg with the other hand in an attempt to pull the scar tissue off the muscle, sort of like stripping an electrical wire. 

It is about as much as fun as it sounds.  I have almost passed out from the pain.  I have seen stars, literally… just like in the cartoons.  PT guy has to remind me to breathe.  I have almost cried… almost… but I refuse to allow a tear to fall.  It's not that I am ashamed to cry.  I simply refuse to give into the pain. 

When the university sends PT students to observe my PT guy, he always has them observe my appointment.  When he starts in on the scar tissue, they all cringe.  Most look away.  One big, athletic guy went pale and slowly slid down the wall in a rumpled heap.  When he left the office, I suspect he headed straight to registrar's office to change his major.

This last session was the most brutal… so far.  At the end of the session, PT Guy apologized for the pain.  He said, "you're amazing.  I don't know anyone else who could take that much."  When I got home, I crawled to my bed, curled into the fetal position, and slept longer than I have slept in ages.  PT Guy said having your body assaulted will do that.   This was the first time for actual bruises.  This photo was taken just a few hours after my appointment.  As the day progressed, more bruises appeared.  I spent the day icing my bruises, but still massaged the scar tissue to keep it from rebuilding. 

Every twelve hours, I have to do deep tissue, cross frictional massage to keep the scar tissue from rebuilding, bigger and stronger.  It is difficult to get enough force and leverage on your own body.  The daily work I do simply keeps my nemesis at bay.  PT Guy goes in for the kill.  I just wish I didn't have to get beat up in the process. 


2 Responses to "Going In for the Kill"

I had my first myofascial release massage last week. It took me two days to really recover from it. You have my sympathy for your ongoing physical problems. I developed my muscle adhesions (in my left leg) from a ramped up fitness routine without adding complementary stretching and foam roller sessions. I hope that your therapy allows you to regain a semblance of a normal/pain free life.


Rose in SV

I just wanted to say I hope that you are doing better now, and your PT isn’t as brutal. I am sure you are an encouragement to all the PT students who observe you. It helps them to see how hard some patients are willing to work in order to improve their health. What a motivation that must be to them: observing the mutual efforts of a therapist and patient striving toward the same goal. It must make them realize how important a physical therapist can be in the healing process. Wishing you much improved health!

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