Floating on Silk

Posted on: 20 May, 12


This top started as a silk scarf from India.  I love the color, love the tissue weight silk… but I don’t wear scarves.  I either feel like I am being strangled or they fly all over the place.  I don’t wear scarves. 

However, I do go to the beach and love wearing soft, easy, beachy things.  These floaty tops are all over the place, with hefty price tags.  I grabbed some scissors and cut a neck opening… too big.  Thought about different ways to fix it.  Thought about tossing in the trash.  That tissue silk is a bear to sew.  Then I played around some pleats to draw in the neckline and discovered the pleats actually make the top hang better at the shoulders.  What started out as a mistake ended making the whole thing better. 


Hemming the neckline was the next challenge.  I can’t remember if I never had one or simply lost the rolled edge foot for my sewing machine.  There is only the tiny bit that I cut out for the neckline to use a test sample.  I messed around with the zig zag settings and how to fold the fabric as I sewed to get a presentable rolled edge on the neckline.  For the sleeves/side seam, I tried on the top, held my arm out straight and marked where I kinda, sorta thought the seam should be.  I did not sew it all to the hem to give it more of that floaty feel. 

Obviously, I need wear a tank or cami under this very sheer fabric, but it feels so light and airy.  I will probably wear it with white jeans or shorts.  Total love.


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