Figuring it Out

Posted on: 20 June, 12


Despite inquiries from everyone he meets, J has not decided on a college major.  Or has he?  Sometimes actions speak louder than words. 

Math has always come easily to him.  Seriously easy.  Freakishly easy.  He thinks calculus is fun.  Junior year, he whined that his BC Calculus class moved too slowly.  Every math teacher has said he should consider majoring in math because it comes so naturally to him.  J has always asserted that he does not want to major in math.  With the credits from high school Advanced Placement math classes, he is not required to take any math in college.  Yet, at freshman orientation, he registered for two math classes.  He said, "They looked interesting," but he still denies any interest in math as a college major.  Hmmmmm….

I have dreaded the thought of my son leaving for college. Even though I am not a crier, simple things like paying his tuition deposit had me a little misty eye. After freshman orientation, I cannot wait for him to go. Not because he is being a brat.  During orientation, I caught a glimpse of the man he is becoming.  He carried himself differently on that college campus.  Walked a little taller, more confidently.  As I listened to the professors, I just knew this was the place for him.  He will devour everything they have to offer and will thrive on that campus.  He cannot wait to dive right in. 

Maybe he will continue with the math.  Maybe he will discover a whole new path.  It is his life and I have no doubt that he will figure it out. 


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