Olympic Blogging

Posted on: 17 July, 12


No, I will not be blogging about the Olympics because I won't be watching the Olympics.  The Olympics are dead to me.  First, they harassed a bunch of knitters for having "Knitting Olympics."  Yes, the big guys got all lawyered up and sent a cease and desist letter to Ravlery that said knitting Olympics denigrates the Olympics.  Really?  A bunch of folks knitting while watching athletes from around the world somehow harms the reputation of the Olympics?  Honestly, big lawyered up guys, until you started sending out nasty letters, the only people who knew about the knitting Olympics were knitters.  Since knitters think knitting is the ultimate in cool, associating the sporty Olympics with knitting Olympics only made the sporty Olympics cooler. 

I read blogs and articles saying the Olympic guys *had* to lawyer up to protect their brand.  More on that in a minute.  I am not done bashing the Olympics.  I was trying to forgive the Olympic guys for the knitting debacle when news broke that the uniforms to be worn during the opening ceremonies are made in China.  Made. In. China.  I have nothing against China.  Great food, fun people, serious manufacturing skills, but…..  in my small, little mind, the uniforms worn by Team USA should probably be made in the USA.  Its not like we don't have people who need jobs anyway.  Come on, Olympic Guys, let's keep those American greenbacks in America. 

The uniforms?  Can we talk about those for a minute?  That was the best we could come up with?  A beret?  Nothing against France…. great food, great perfume, seriously great designers, but should Team USA be wearing hats that are so iconically French?  And the giant Ralph Lauren polo horse logo?  We are back to that branding thing.  For starters, it is a lame logo.  Just reeks of privilege and elitism. More importantly, why does Ralph Lauren get to use our athletes as giant billboards to promote the RL brand.  I know, the competition uniforms have the Nike swoosh thing, but that polo logo is JUST SO BIG…. and it adds nothing to the overall design aesthetic. Not that there is really much design aesthetic.  Aside from complaining about the giant horse, the French beret, and the manufacturing locale, there is not much to say about the uniforms.  If this were Project Runway, Nina would be bored and Tim would ask the designer really pushed himself because this is so expected. 

Ugh.  I have more to say about the whole branding issue, but those Olympic guys have exhausted me enough for one day.  I will not watch any of the Olympics this year.  I will definitely knit, but not while watching the Olympics.  I will knit and watch Criminal Minds because Shemar Moore is pretty and I bet he totally supports knitting. 

Here is a photo of my knitting during my son's high school graduation.  I did not receive a cease and desist letter from the high school.  The principal thought it was kind of cool.  


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