Yet Another Reason I am Not Watching the Olympics

Posted on: 31 July, 12

If I paid big bucks to get an elusive ticket to an Olympic sporting event and someone told me I couldn’t go in because I am wearing the wrong shirt, we would have a problem.  According to this article, spectators may be turned away if they were a shirt with a Pepsi logo because Coca Cola has paid lots of money to sponsor an event.  Seriously?  This is more of that “protecting the brand” garbage.  Is it not enough that corporate sponsors have their name in giant letters on every available space?  Now they want to control what I wear when I attend the event.  Wow.  That’s some serious chutzpah. 

A local bagel shop set up a window display with bagels in the shape of the Olympic rings.  They were ordered to take it down.  Protecting the brand, which translates into “we want all the money for ourselves.” 

It is all about the money.  I am done with the Olympics.  Done. 


Hope I don’t get in trouble for using the Olympic colors.  😉




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