Game On

Posted on: 21 October, 12


I am now 16 hours into chaperoning a 24 gaming marathon at the high school.  It is kind of like a dance marathon for nerds.  Instead of dancing for 24 hours, the students are playing Dungeons and Dragons, Magic the Gathering, and lots of other nerdy games. They are raising money for a local children's hospital.  Right now, I am hiding out in a stair well because they are playing Zombies vs Humans, complete with full zombie make up and a huge arsenal of Nerf guns.  With my orthopaedic issues, I don't need to be running around the auditorium in dark while dodging Nerf missiles.  The students are having a blast.  No one looks even a tiny bit tired. 

I love that our high school is nerdy enough to pull this off.  There is a rather large club that meets on a regular basis to play these games.  Instead of sleeping late on teacher workdays, they get up early, go to school, and play Dungeons and Dragons.  That is dedication.  There are even girls in this club.  There are teachers who give up their free time to play games with these students.  Tonight, a teacher had his wife drop him off at school on their way back from an out of state wedding.  Dedication. 

When they came up with this idea for a 24 hour marathon, the school district said two adults would need to be present the whole time.  The teacher in charge sent a letter to the participants' parents requesting volunteers.  No one responded.  No one was willing to come in for even an hour.  I couldn't let lack of a chaperone stop these students.  So, for 24 hours, I am locked in the auditorium with this great group of nerdy students. 


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What a wonderful occasion to volunteer for! How sad that not one parent was willing to volunteer for this occasion. Of course, you don’t know how many of the kids told their parents that they didn’t want them there.

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