Posted on: 20 November, 12


The webcomic Homestuck has a nearly cult like following at the high school.  I don't read it for fear that I will get sucked into the cult too.  A: I belong to enough cults (ie. Project Runway, ANTM) and don't have time for anymore.  B: I already listen to the same music, watch the same TV shows, and sometimes dress like the teenagers I am surrounded by all day.  I need some boundaries.  Anyway, I don't really know that much about it except my son gets very excited when a new episode is published and is sometimes exasperated when the story line goes in a weird direction.  I don't know.  It's weird.  To borrow a phrase from the Bloggess, I've learned to "lean into the weird."  

C found a tutorial on line for making scalemates, which are cute little characters from Homestuck.  The boy dug through my scrap bin for fleece, set up his laptop on the cutting table and went to town.  I have made small critters with fleece.  Not an easy task.  The boy totally rocked it.  No, it does not have arms.  I don't know why but the character in the webcomic is without arms. Perhaps it is integral to the story line or perhaps the guy who draws the comic doesn't like to draw arms.  Given the level of precision with which C sewed that spiky little head, the boy could absolutely do arms if this weird little thing had arms.  So, C made one and posted a photo on Facebook.  The crowds went wild.  People are asking C to make scalemate plushies, offering quite a bit of cash in return.  Being the impeccably honest person that he is, C doesn't feel right profiting from the work of others, both the character and the tutorial.  Instead, he is asking only for enough money to cover fabric and supplies.  The boy will never be rich, but he will sleep well at night knowing he always does the right thing.  

J's first college concert was two days before his birthday.  It seemed like a good excuse to visit him for the weekend.  I lavished him with a bag full of gifts.  What was he most excited about?  His very own scalemate made by his little brother in his favorite color.  He actually smiled.  Apparently, it has been quite a hit with the college crowd too… at least the geeky part of the college crowd… which is pretty much everyone at J's college.  (more about his college experience soon…)


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