Take a Bow… or Bow

Posted on: 6 December, 12

The holiday edition of the pattern books is always my favorite of the year.  So much glitz and glam.  The last couple of years have been so disappointing.  Has fashion taken a wrong turn down the Retro Path?  Has the economy dampened the creative spirit?  Am I getting old and cranky,  no longer able to appreciate the changing trends?  

Most of the holiday collections are simply ho-hum.  There are very, very few patterns that I MUST.  BUY.  RIGHT.  NOW… like almost none.  Several make me believe someone is trying to sabotage the home sewing industry.  Seriously, with patterns like these, who would ever want to sew their own dresses.  (Not that the selection at the mall is any better… wow… so much ugly on the racks.)  

This monstrosity… where to begin…  


The giant floral background is such a distraction, but, considering the dress, perhaps that was intentional.  The fabric and lace look so cheap.  Budgets are tight, but when sewing samples to be photographed for the pattern catalog, the pattern companies should spend a few extra bucks and go for more luxe fabrics.  The necklace does not go with the dress.  It is so heavy and casual for the delicate lace.  The necklace is so heavy that the model cannot stand upright.  

Okay… the bow.  The. Bow.  What an awkward placement.  Without the bow, it would be a cute enough dress.  With better fabric, it could be a really cute dress.  If the bow were at the waist… maybe, just maybe it could be okay.  If the seam fell just below the bust/bow… maybe… possibly.  If anyone has a very large bust, please, please run away from this pattern.  

I have to stop writing.  I cannot look at this photo for another minute.  

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