Little Skater

Posted on: 22 October, 08

Here is another wee outfit for the wee babe.  I used Designs #4 & #5 from the 01/03 Issue of Ottobre Design.  I added a little cuff to the pants partially for design purposes and partially to keep out drafts.  The fabrics came from deep within the caverns of my stash.  I am sorry I did not think about including something in the photo to use as a scale reference.  The pattern is a size 50, which should fit him soon.

Update on the wee babe… He’s up to 4 lbs 11 oz.  He has been moved from the NICU to a private room.  He still has a feeding tube because to supplement his nighttime feedings.  He gets too tuckered out in the evenings to feed properly.  A discharge has not been set, but the doctors are extremely pleased with his progress.  I can’t wait to hold the little cutie. 

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4 Responses to "Little Skater"

He’s definitely going to be a well dressed baby with you making clothes for him! Thank goodness Ottobre has preemie patterns.

Teri…this is beyond cute!
How wonderful for you to sew for this wee little baby…:)

Very cute Teri. Love red on babies.

Where’d you get that fabric? It’s awesome. Love the red. You are making such cute things.

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