Attitude Adjustment

Posted on: 15 February, 09

It was touch and go there for a while yesterday, but my computer has come back to life.  Nothing like a near death experience to inspire an attitude adjustment.  My computer is behaving much better now.  I took a little break from reloading software because J needed new shoes.  Seems like we just bought him new shoes last week, but that is a whole different story.  We made an afternoon of it with a nice lunch and a few other errands.  The boys asked if we could stop by the video game store.  I said, “No problem” because there is a video game store in the same strip mall as JoAnn Fabrics.  As the boys looked at games, I looked at fabric and patterns.

It was a challenge, but I left with only two patterns.  There was a lovely grouping of chocolate brown and aqua fabrics.  I loved the brown with an aqua pinstripe.  Ladies, we all know how a pinstripe elongates the leg.  It would make such a great pair of pants, but I was strong.  I resisted… but I might go back. 

I love the collar detail on the white jacket.  This might be the pattern for the black and white fabric from Mood.  The collar would be solid black for emphasis. 

The crossover detail of this one would be great for a couple pieces of knit in my stash.  I also like the black and white version.  I am not sure about the pockets.  They would be handy (crackberry), but will they add too much bulk?  It definitely needs a lightweight knit with lots of drape.  I will try it with a fabric that is not one of my favorites.  If the pockets are too much, it would be easy to eliminate them.  The gathers might need to go, too. 

After so much frustration with computer, I needed a little treat.  Now, to find time to actually sew these. 

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